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Welcome to the East Side Youth Sports Foundation

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, East Side Youth Sports Foundation is dedicated to the growth of youth sports on the east side of metro Detroit. Through grants, scholarships and programs, ESYSF is making sports available to all children and providing players important life lessons that will assist them during competition and beyond including good sportsmanship, citizenship, teamwork, physical welfare and more.  ESYSF is also using sports to bridge the gap between Detroit and surrounding communities, removing social, economic and racial barriers. Learn more about our charitable initiatives and the benefits of youth sports!

Formerly, East Side Hockey Foundation, ESYSF owns and operates the East Side Hockey Foundation Ice Arena, which it purchased in 2014. The arena has seen thousands of dollars of updates since the acquisition including new nets, rubber flooring, paint and much more. Renovations for the existing locker room showers and three public bathrooms have taken place, to be followed by the lobby renovations. The vision is to not only create an updated facility, but revitalize the area and become a partner with the local community.

How Donations Help ESYSF

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    Channel 4 Live in the D Interview

    Strategic Community Partners

    ESYSF Partners that support our hockey initiatives

    Sponsored by Andersen Material Handling

    Andersen Material Handling

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    Sponsored by Deseranno Wealth Planning

    Deseranno Wealth Planning

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    Sponsored by Detroit Medical Center

    Detroit Medical Center

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    Sponsored by Grosse Pointe Old Devils

    Grosse Pointe Old Devils

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    Sponsored by United Dairy Industry of Michigan

    United Dairy Industry of Michigan

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    Sponsored by Bulldogs Hockey Club

    Bulldogs Hockey Club

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    Sponsored by Detroit Thrive

    Detroit Thrive

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    Sponsored by eLearning Mind

    eLearning Mind

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    Sponsored by Higbie Maxon Agney

    Higbie Maxon Agney

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    Sponsored by McDonalds


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    Sponsored by Positive Leader

    Positive Leader

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    Sponsored by Sine & Monaghan

    Sine & Monaghan

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    Sponsored by Celtic Wealth Management

    Celtic Wealth Management

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    Sponsored by Elsey Construction Products

    Elsey Construction Products

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    Sponsored by Joe Ricci

    Joe Ricci

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    Sponsored by Meldrum and Smith

    Meldrum and Smith

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    Sponsored by Volaille Regal

    Volaille Regal

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    Sponsored by Wolverine Oil & Supply

    Wolverine Oil & Supply

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    East Side Youth Sports Foundation
    26333 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 102
    St. Clair Shores, MI 48081


    East Side Hockey Foundation Ice Arena
    (Formerly Grosse Pointe Community Rink)
    4831 Canyon Street
    Detroit, MI 48236